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Ef – Tale of Memories is the anime adaptation of the adult visual novel Ef – A Fairy Tale for Two.  The 12 episode series is a basically two love stories that barely intertwine.  The love triangle arc revolves are Hiro, Miyako & Kei.  The memories arc focuses on Renji and Chihiro (Kei’s Twin Sister). 

On Christmas Eve Hirono Hiro a high school student who is also an aspiring manga-ka collides with Miyamura Miyako, who was chasing a purse snatcher at the time.  It turns out that they both attend the same high school, not that either would know however as they hardly go to class.  The begin hanging out, which makes Kei – who looks at Hiro as her Onii-chan extremely jealous. 

The second stories revolves around Chihiro who suffers for a type of amnesia which allows her to only remember the last 13 hours of her life.  One day she encounters a boy named Renji. 

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Kira’s Review:

This is by far the best translation of a erogame turned anime series that I’ve seen.  Director Shin Oonuma took some risk with the style and direction and they paid off for the most part.  I mean what’s not to like?  Animation – awesome (blood red epileptic seizure aside), Music – totally appropriate, Voice acting – terrific, both Hiro Shimono (Hiro) and Hiroko Taguchi (Miyako) are on top of their game here.   


I’ve read that some people said that they’ve found the plot to be predictable, but I didn’t find that to be the case.  Call me naive, but I thought for sure that Hiro would end up with Kei.  I mean isn’t that how it’s supposed to work, the protagonist picks the childhood friend in the end of anime series all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Miyako won out it the end.  The closing scene of episode 10 (aka the Japan loves “24” as well scene) was really powerful.  The voice acting of Shimono-san and Taguchi-san really shone there.  

I didn’t find myself connecting with story of Renji and Chihiro however.  Maybe its because Renji comes off to me as a day dreaming wussy.  He does mature to the end of the series, but I could never take him that seriously. 

This is great anime overall, I would recommend it for everyone with one exception.  I don’t think this is the best gateway anime for someone hoping to introduce the medium to their significant other.  Stick with Lovely Complex for that. 

Kira – 4 Potato Heads.

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Asuna’s Review

This is anime that has 2 stories that run parallel to one another. In that aspect I found it a little hard to follow at first. I got a hang of it around the 3rd episode.

Now the first story is about Hiro and Kei, who are childhood friends which is a great story in itself. Hiro then meets this girl named Miyako who interests him and they become friends, after a while he begins to like her.. this is where the triangle starts. As the story progress it gets more and more intense, which makes you really wanna keep watching, I find in every episode its grabs your attention. The way this story ends is not very predictable either so you really want to find out who ends up with whom. 

Now the second story is about a Boy named Renji, who is a bit of a day dreamer and his dreams aren’t really realistic. He goes to this train station every day, but one day he meets a girl there named Chihiro. These two become friends as this story progresses you find out that Chihiro has a condition that causes her to only remember the last 13 hours of her life. Yet she comes back every day and meets Renji.

Now the way this story ends is quite unusual and that is why I am giving this 3 potato heads. I mean this guy has so much hope, but it’s unrealistic for kid his age to have so much determination. Maybe if it ended a little more realistic I would have given it a perfect score.

Asuna – 3 Potato Heads.

Combined Score = 3.5 Potato Heads

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