Clannad Episode 20

Clannad Episode 20 A 

If you had doubts about how this series was going to maintain its pace after episode 18, your crazy… and also just like us. We’re really happy with the direction of the series, and unlike Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge, you don’t get the sense that its dragging.   

The strength of this episode, and the series as a whole is that it has a secondary plot element besides the budding romance between Nagisa and Tomoya, that being the importance of family.  So while it still remains a romantic comedy at its core, the elements of a family drama is what’s makes this series so great.

Clannad Episode 20 B 

Now this is all well and good, but the real question is… why can’t Sunohara get a girl?  Sure the easy answer is because he’s a pervert, but we say he’s not a pervert… he’s just horny.   Sunohara does prove in this episode that he is a nice guy.  Its not hard to believe that without him, Tomoya wouldn’t have made up his mind that Nagisa was the one for him. 

So our advice to Sunohara is masturbate in the morning before school starts, and tone down the Manliness two notches, and you’ll find you leading lady in no time…. Fuuko anyone?

Clannad Episode 20 C


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