KimiKiss Ep 22: Did anything happen here?

Alright this is getting a bit ridiculous. Is it us or does anyone else think that nothing happened during this episode, and not to mention the last episode.

Kimikiss EP 22 Aihara & Eriko & Moa

So we’re guessing this is what happened

Producer: You do know this is a 24 episode series right?
DirectorWhat?! I thought it was 22 episodes.
Producer: What are you an idiot! What kind of anime series has 22 episodes.
Director: ………
Producer: So what are we going to do now?
DirectorLets stretch and drag the last few episodes like they did in Gundam Seed Destiny.
Producer: Yeah that works, god bless Mitsuo Fukuda (director of GSD).

Kimikiss EP 22 Aihara & Eriko & Asuka

So to recap this episode:

  • Futami Eriko is still Emo
  • Sakino Asuka is still in love with Aihara Kazuki
  • Aihara is still clueless about Sakino’s feelings for him
  • Yumi-chan is still going to get heart broken
  • Nana-chan still loves Udon
  • Gramps still hasn’t said a word
  • Sanada Kouichi cries man tears for flanders.

Kimikiss EP 22 Yumi & Kouichi

New stuff we’ve learned that could have been in the last episode:

  • Sakino is going to be a sweet sweet home wrecker.
  • Futami-san is still emo, and now realizes she has competition for Aihara.
  • Sanada Kouihi wants to have a three-some with Yumi-chan and Moa-Neechan.

Kimikiss EP 22 Asuka & Yumi & Kouichi

Is this anime a good one for couples? 

Overall … definitely yes.  The first 18 or 19 episodes were terrific.  Kimikiss is a wonderful slice of life romantic “dramedy.”  Its also in fact is a great introductory anime if your looking to intro the medium to your significant other. We are still fans of the series but we could have done without the last two episodes.


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