The Weekly – Funniest Scene Not Involving Hosaka Sempai – Award

Hosaka & Sunohara: Brothers from different mothers?

Could it be that Sunohara and Hosaka are related?  The evidence is certainly overwhelming.

Sunohara and Hosaka


  • Both are sexy, sexy beast
  • Both are the hormonal force that drive their shows
  • Hosaka loves to cook delicious food, Sonahara loves to eat delicious food
  • Both exude such sexual intensity that all woman are afraid to love them

Ah but there is one thing that Sunohara lacks… the sweat.  Any male relative of Hosaka must be able sweat at least 3 liters per hour like he can, and sadly Sunohara can’t keep that pace.

Hosaka Sweating

So maybe their not related, but maybe the ultimate Yaoi pairing?

On to the award

From Clannad 15: Sunohara is Ohhh Sooo Super…

Sunohara Gay Joke

Tomoya tells Naigisa that the reason Sunohara keeps chasing after him is because Sunohara has fallen in love with him (when he just actually wants Tomoya to play in a basketball game against the school team). 

But what kept us laughing so loud that our Italian neighbor told us to shut up in Italian (which must have been very loud cause we live in a house) was Sunohara’s reaction when Naigisa tells him that he can’t have Tomoya because she and Tomoya are a couple.

Clannad Sunohara & Naigasa

Clannad 15 Sunohara c

Clannad 15 Sunohara d

Clannad 15 Sunohara e

Cheer up buddy…. Hosaka will always be there for you.

Who is Hosaka-sempai? And why the hell is there an award named after him? 

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