CLANNAD 21: It gets better and better


We want more Sunohara!!!   We only got a few seconds of the genius that is Sunohara in this episode and it left us wanting more. It was nice to see Sunohara interacting with rest of the crew and not just Tomoya.  But if Sunohara doesn’t start getting more screen time we’re thinking starting another site – 

And did anyone else notice how close Kyou and Sunohara seem to be getting???  Maybe Sunohara has met a girl that can handle his intense sexual aura?


Or maybe not.

But Sunohara should also be very very concerned… about losing his title of comedic champ of CLANNAD.  Aiko-san has be delivering some awesome scenes and kept us cracking up all episode (ex. “Operation Potty Chair”).


Our Thoughts…

This has to be one of the best anime series for couples on TV today.  This weeks episode did a great job of building and adding layers to Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship.  It’s completely obvious that Tomoya is utterly devoted to Nagisa.  And that Nagisa draws a lot of her strength from Tomoya.

Clannad 21, Tomoya and Nagisa

Their relationship is depicted in a very realistic manner and tone, and that is really refreshing to see.  It also looks like that the strength of their relationship will be tested in the next episode, as Nagisa has discovered truth about her parents past.  

Clannad 21, Tomoya and Nagisa

We’re loving the direction the series is going and can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Poll: Which do you dig?



2 Responses to CLANNAD 21: It gets better and better

  1. Twinkle Pixie says:

    I didn’t really like this episode. I was wanting more of an emotional impact when Nagisa found out about her parents. I also hate cliff hangers, why did Tomoya comfort her more?

  2. kasane teto says:

    i like you clannad >_< !!!

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