Quick Take: Minami-ke Okawari Ep 1-6

Not as good as the first season, but then again what is? 

So as a general rule here at Koibito Anime we don’t review an anime series until its complete or the season is finished. But no worries Minami-ke Okawari episode 11 just aired in japan so we should have a full review soon.   

Minami-ke Okawari 1

So Huruka, Kana, Chiaki and most importantly Hosaka are all back for a second season, and we have no complaints. More Hosaka makes us giddy little fan girls / boys. 

Sadly despite all our efforts Hosaka does not have more screen time in the second season.  So your asking what kind of efforts did we go to?  …. Well we wrote a post on some forum somewhere. 

But we have a theory about Hosaka’s screen time. The creators are geniuses.  They know that Hosaka is just so powerful that we can only handle him in small doses.   Think about it.  If Hosaka was lets say on screen 50% time, he would not only overshadow the rest of the cast, but it would cause us bodily harm.  How? Well you’d be laughing so hard that you’d be rolling around on the floor, knocking over your computer monitor, dropping it on your heard.  Then the next day at work / school you’d start cracking up in the middle of the day just thinking about the last episode you saw.  Naturally those around you would think you’ve gone mental and you’d be fired from your job or kicked out of school.   

Minami-ke Okawari 2

So thank you Naoto-san (Director) for thinking about our well being, but trust in us that we can handle more Hosaka, instead of the 45 seconds we get every two episodes. 

So far we have two issues with the second season. 

  1. Its not as funny as the first season.  Some of the comedic timing seems to be a little off.
  2. What the hell is up with not fully drawing all of the on screen characters.  This really distracts us from some of the scenes.

Minami-ke Okawari 3

Other that the animations are great, the story is charming, and voice acting is still top notch. 

Final words:  We want more Hosaka!

Poll: Which is better?


One Response to Quick Take: Minami-ke Okawari Ep 1-6

  1. Ichigo says:

    Kana is way funnier than Hosaka. I want more Kana. But i agree with you guys, what the hell is up with all the characters that are completly black????????????????

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