KimiKiss Pure Rouge 23: We’re losing hope

Equation for episode 23 = 75% filler, 20% plot development and Kai-kun in a dress. 

So to recap the rest of this episode. 

  • Futami Eriko is still Emo
  • Yumi-chan is still going to get heart broken
  • Nana-chan still loves Udon
  • Gramps still hasn’t said a word
  • Kai-kun likes to wear dresses

Kimikiss 23 a

 So if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, hmm… this recap sounds a lot like your recap for episode 22, are your guys just being lazy?  Well yes we are lazy, but the reason this sounds the same, because the same stuff happened.  

The school festival begins, and Yumi and Kouichi go around and see the sites together, since this is their last day in the same school together and all.  So Kouichi tries to be the good boyfriend, even though he’s in love with Mao.  He’s a coward if you ask us.  Besides that all we get is filler scenes, Kai-Kun in a pink apron, and Hiiragi possibly meeting his leading lady in Megumi.  

Kimikiss 23 b

If it wasn’t for the closing scene, this episode would have been utter crap. Asuka once again shows that she is coolest character on the show and has way more balls that either Kouichi or Aihara.  After reaching her goals on the soccer field, she gathers up her courage and confesses her feelings to Aihara.  But Aihara turns her down, cause he’s with Eriko (why? we have no idea either). 

Kimikiss 23 c

Final Words: Episode 24 better be spectacular!

Poll: Which do you dig?



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