CLANNAD 22: Yes!!!


This episode picks up where the last one left off.  We find Nagisa still reeling from the shock on finding the truth about her parents past lives.  As the play’s performance time draws near, Tomoya sticks by her side and tries to cheer up Nagisa. 

CLANNAD 22 Tomoya and Nagisa

 Its all for naught however as the curtain draws up and the play begins, Nagisa is still paralyzed by the feeling that she has ruined her parent’s lives.  Paralyzed, Nagisa begins to cry on stage as a helpless Tomoya watches on from the control room.  

CLANNAD 22 Nagisa and Tomoya a

It’s then when Aiko-san, Nagisa’s father, bursts in to the auditorium and delivers a moving speech to his daughter.  As a couple in our mid 20’s who maybe having kids someday soon, the scene that sticks with us after the episode was over is when Aiko-san tells Nagisa… “A child’s dream is a parents dream! You can just go and take a hold of it.  We dreamed of you realizing your dream. We didn’t give up on our dream. Our dreams became your dreams!  That’s what parents are.” 

CLANNAD 22 Aiko-san

After receiving this support from her father, as well as additional words of encouragement from her mother and Tomoya, Nagisa wipes away her tears and begins her play.  

After the play Tomoya asks’ Nagisa to accompany him tomorrow, as he something important to discuss (he’s planning on telling her he’s in love with Sunohara :-P). With that they head into the wrap up party.  The next day Tomoya and Nagisa head  out on their date, and have a great time. 

As the day winds down they find themselves back in the classroom.  There Tomoya tells Nagisa that he loves her, and ask’s her to be his girlfriend. Nagisa’s tears of happiness is the only answer he needs.  

CLANNAD 22 Nagisa c

Our Thoughts…. One word – Awesome! 

Yeah we know its not the tear fest that we were all expecting from an anime based on a Key novel. But come on is that really a bad thing?  And besides there is still a movie and 1 or 2 OVA’s still coming.  And if your really want a tear fest, watch the recently released movie. 

But in our view this was a great (second to) last episode.  It is once again the elements of a family drama that makes this series stand above the rest.  Well that and Sunohara.  The scene with Aiko-san and Sanae-san supporting their daughter was so moving and beautifully animated.  That was really the climax of the series.  And Nagisa and Tomoya hooking up was a nice cherry on the cake.  

CLANNAD 22 Nagisa and Tomoya 3

Final words: I hope your taking notes KimiKiss Pure Rouge. 

Look out for the full review next week.

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3 Responses to CLANNAD 22: Yes!!!

  1. IluvClannad says:

    I agree with you guys on this one. The scene with Nagisa and her mon and dad was the most powerful scene of the anime, it really was the climax. But what’s up with the lack of lip action. I want to see a kiss between nagisa and tomoya!!!!!

  2. Der_Kaiser says:

    IluvClannad: The game had a wonderful kiss scene at the baseball game with the kids.

  3. PhantomPhreek says:

    NO WAY!..there was!?..Ah damn how did i miss that!

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