The Weekly – Funniest Scene Not Involving Hosaka Sempai – Award

Based on your votes, this weeks winner – Tomoya from CLANNAD 

Okazaki Tomoya: The Antithesis of Hosaka-sempai? 

Now now before you flame us that Tomoya can’t possible win this award because of this that or the other, remember two things. 

  1. The peoples voted for him
  2. The award is called the funniest scene not involving Hosaka.  Meaning its purpose is to highlight those scenes that keep us laughing well past the joke has ended.

CLANNAD Nagisa and Tomoya speechless

Now that’s out of the way. If there is an anime character out there today that is the complete opposite of Hosaka, its probably Tomoya.  

  • Hosaka is a sweaty manly man, where as the lack of sweat from Tomoya is concerning. 
  • Tomoya is not 100% manly, he seems to have some metro in him
  • Hosaka romances the ladies in his fantasies, Tomoya romances them in real life.
  • Hosaka takes off his shirt in public (and gets arrested), Tomoya takes off his shirt in locked shed’s (and makes a girl hot for him)
  • Unlike Hosaka, Tomoya actually has had real life conversations with the girl he loves.

On to the award…. Tomoya has such a large body of work, that its hard to pick just one scene.  So we went the lazy route and picked one of his most recent scenes. 

From CLANNAD 21:  Green Tea Bukakke  

When Tomoya discovers that Nagisa has who is about to perform a solo play, has never actually seen a play before, he can’t think of a better way to express his emotions that to bukakke up his future farther in-law.


CLANNAD 21 Nagisa and Tomoya and Aiko-san

Who the hell is Hosaka? And why is there an award named after him?


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