Review: H2O Footprints in the Sand

What the hell, this was based on an Adult Visual Novel?!?!

Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery 

Note: This review contains 75% less lame jokes than our normal posts. 

H20 Footprints in the Sand 1


Taking place in a small farming village far from the metropolis of Tokyo, H2O is a story of Hirose Takuma, a young teenager who’s become blind after being diagnosed with M.A.D 7 (Mysterious Anime Disease #7).  Takuma has been afflicted with MAD 7 since he witnessed the death of his mother.   

To help with his healing and to simplify his life, Takuma moves from Tokyo to this small little farming town. On his way to school the first day Takuma meets three girls who will shape his life.  Kohinata Hayami who seems to be hated by the entire village, and regularly gets beat up by her male classmates. Kagura Hinata the class president who seems to have an unnatural attraction to Takuma.  And Otoha a mysterious girl in a school uniform, who doesn’t actually go to school.  Takuma soon discovers that life in this small town if far from normal.  

H20 Footprints in the Sand 2

Kira’a Review: 

Voice Acting: the weakest part of this series. The voice acting is a complete mixed bag.  While I found the voice acting for Hayami to be spot on for her character, I completely hated the voice acting for Takuma (he’s supposed to have hit puberty by now right?) and Hinata (annoying). 

Animation: Unlike Asuna, I didn’t like the character designs here.  Everyone seems a bit to small and short to be highschool / Jr high students.  After you watch this series and realize that it is an adaptation of an adult visual novel, you’ll think that all otaku are perverts.  The overall animation of including action scenes where pulled off much better.   

Plot / Story: This is where H2O makes up for its deficiencies in voice and animation.  The story is very compelling to begin with.  You’ll feel like you’ll need keep watching just to figure out why Hayami-chan is so hated by everyone. 

Emotional resonance: also a strong point. The series deals with some heavy subject matter, so it’s hard not to sympathize and empathize with the characters and their problems.  

H20 Footprints in the Sand 3

Spoiler Free Thoughts 

So much potential, so little time to tie things together.  I don’t usually believe this, but in H2O’s case, it could have benefited from another episode or two to fully flesh out the story. Besides the parts I mention above I have two main issues.  #1 as a dude in my mid 20’s the one thing I absolutely hate to see is punk ass men who physically abuse woman.  So watching the scenes of Hayumi being beaten by male punks bothers me.  Especially because I think the scenes are unnecessary.  I’ve believe they could have still gotten the point across without having Hayami physically abused.  My second problem with this series is…. 

Spoiler-rific Thoughts 

The ending is horrible.  Not only does it not explain and tie up the loose ends.  Such how Hirose was able to pull off the things he did if he was blind. Or why anyone who was trying to rescue a boy from on coming train would just stand in the middle of the tracks instead of pushing both yourself and the kid out of the way.  And having Hayami die in the same way as Takuma’s mother is completely ridiculous.  And one more thing that I don’t like about this series is the lead Takuma, he’s whiny, emo, and likes to beat on girls apparently. He’s also a wuss and tends to buckle under pressure.  Even despite all this the story is good enough to keep me coming back for more.    

H20 Footprints in the Sand 4

Asuna’s Review

Voice acting: In this aspect, its not so much important to me, it’s not something that I really look at. If I had to analyze it didn’t actually like most of the voices, I think they could have done a better job actually, but as a person who doesn’t really take much interest in this aspect of anime, so in my opinion it doesn’t actually affect the anime in itself. 

Animation: I loved that character design. They are the typical anime character design, but it looks good. Also the surroundings and background looked quite good. I found that the scenes with water were very realistic. The way the water looked in the moonlight was pretty amazing. Other then that though, I was animated pretty well.  

Plot: This plot really intrigued me; of course there was definitely the typical love story once again. Also the general going to school everyday, but with Hirose being blind made it the more interesting. With each new character the story pulls you in to their lives. You wanted to find out why Hayumi-chan is hated, what happened in Hinata Kagura’s life to be so faithful to her grandfather and why the Kagura family is so important to the village. How Hirose became blind and how all this ties together. I didn’t want to stop watching because all this, plus each episode has a bit of a cliffhanger ending. 

My Thoughts: Some people may have a bit of trouble following parts of the anime because in the end it gets kind of complex and things happen so rapidly. So you if you find it hard to follow fast moving anime where things happens randomly you may need to watch it more then once. Then ending is a little odd, but I think it fits the story. Overall I loved this anime, so I give it a rating of 3 potato heads.

Combined Score: 

Potato HeadPotato HeadPotato Head

3 Potato Heads

Poll: I would give H2O…


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