Kimikiss Ep 24: We saw this coming a mile away…

Episode Summary 

Kimikiss Cosplay

The episode begins directly where 23 left off, where we find Aihara frantically searching for Eriko, who is nowhere to be found. (Is it wrong for us to wish that she chocked to death on Nana-chan’s ramen?). 

While this is going on we see that Kouichi is continuing the façade, and still pretending to be a good bf to Yumi-chan. Although he’s totally giving off the vibe that he’s in love with Mao nee-chan.  So this basically carries on for way long to, more than half the episode.  So then the predictable stuff happens.  Sakino finds Eriko off by herself and tells her to go to Aihara.  Aihara then finds Eriko, and tells her he loves her, and that its okay for her to love him.  They suck face.   

Kimikiss 24 Aihara Eriko

Then the thing that everyone saw happening happens.  Kouichi tells Yumi that he loves Mao. Yumi tells him, she knows, she has always known, and thanks for being a good bf and sticking with her until the end.  Kouichi then tracks down Mao, and tells her that he loves her.  Cue the tears and kissing scene.  

Kimikiss 24 Yumi and Kouichi

Our Thoughts 

What a disappointing ending.  We’re not even that happy that Kouichi and Moa finally ended up together.  Everyone saw it coming, and when it happened, it was like … meh.  What they should have done is have Kouichi and Moa hookup in like EP 20, and then have the remainder of the episodes focus on their transition from childhood friends to lovers, and how that affects those around them.  It’s totally clear from this episode that we were right, the last 3 episodes were basically all fillers.  

Arrg! Its so disappointing how this ends, because the series was so good to start with.  But after the last episode wraps, you get the feeling that it has ended with a whimper. And let’s put this right out there… Aihara is an idiot.  How he could choose the emo Eriko over the spunky Sakino is beyond us.  The fact is the best characters in this series Sakino, and Kai-kun end up alone should tell you something. 

Final Thoughts:  Predictably Lackluster.  

Kimikiss 24 Mao and Kouichi

P.S – Full Series review coming soon.


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