Review: Kimikiss Pure Rouge – Not as good as you want it to be

Kimikiss All

Genre: School Life, Slice of Life, Romance  

Combined Score

Potato HeadPotato Head

(2 out of 4 potato heads)


Kouichi Sanada’s childhood friend Mao returns from France minus her parents and decides to live in Kouichi’s house.  (Who lets their 17 daughter move half way across theworld by themselves). This kicks off the story that involves a total of 4 male 8 female characters (Sadly no les). Although there are many characters and plot elements in KimiKiss Pure Rouge, they can be separated into the following sections.   

Kimikiss Kouichi and Yumi Kimikiss Kouichi and Mao Kimikiss Kouichi and Yumi 2

A.      The Love Triangle (Plus One) 

  • Soon after Mao moves into Kouichi’s house, Kouichi begins going out with Hoshino Yumi, a classmate that he’s liked for a very long time.
  • Moa, who Kouichi sees as his sister, is very supportive of his relationship and gives Kouichi advice on how to be a good bf. (What she should have done is have Kai-kun give him tips on how to be a man – Man-up fool!!!).
  • Mao herself is having trouble adjusting back to life in Japan, but she hits things off with Kai-kun, the tall, dark, sax-playing, apron wearing classmate of hers.  Soon Kai-kun falls for her, and they begin to date.  (Unfortunatly he doesn’t wear his apron on their dates)
  • However Mao soon realizes that she has developed romantic feelings for Kouichi  This is a problem however as Kouichi is head over heals in love with Yumi. 

B.      The Love Triangle

  • Kouichi’s bff – Aihara, a bench warmer on the soccer team, has become infatuated with the school genius Futumi Eriko.
  • Eriko is aloof, mysterious, and emotionally void, all apparently turn-ons for Aihara. 
  • The two spend some time together and not before too long, they begin to “experiment” – which basically means holding hands and make out sessions.
  • Sakino Asuka is the completely opposite of Eriko.  She’s outgoing, athletic and has a terrific personality (in addition to be being cuter than Eriko).  She is also the star of the soccer team, and begins to develop feelings for Aihara. 

C.      The Udon Alliance

  • Aihara’s little sister has just entered high-school, and besides having an Onii-chan complex, as a passion for Udon.
  • Fotrunately for her she befriends Nana-chan, who wants to be a famous udon chef like her gramps.  (Apparently due to budget constraints, gramps never says a word during the series)
  • The two form an udon alliance and set out to conquer the school through the power of udon. 

D.      The Obligatory student project

  • Koucihi’s other friend, Higari is a budding film maker who wants to produce a student film in time for the festival.
  • In order to make his move he needs the assistance of pretty much every body

 Kimikiss Kouichi and Aihara Kimikiss Kouichi and Eriko 2 Kimikiss Kai

Kira’s Review (His Point of View)

I kind of feel like I need to spilt up this review into two parts, before and after episode 18. But I can’t do that.  I have to say that this series is disappointing, because it was shaping up to be really stellar.  Basically what happens is that the big thing that is supposed to set off the next chain of events happens, and your waiting for the plot to pick up its pace…. and you wait, and you wait and nothing happens. 

Then when the climax finally does happen it occurs in the last episode, in the last 5 minutes, and your left saying… “meh”.  It feels so rushed when it doesn’t need to be, because nothing happens between episodes 19 – 23.  These are complete fillers.  And because of the lack of a payoff, you feel like you would after eating cheap Chinese food – unsatisfied and in regret that you wasted your time. 

Animation: This in my opinion is the only strong part of the series.  I’m a huge fan of JC Staff (who also animated Honey & Clover) and they did a tremendous job here. 

Plot:  Completely predictable and sub par. The pacing after ep 18 is horrible, and you’ll see the payoff coming a mile away. 

Voice Acting:  Mediocre.  Mao-neechan’s, Aihara and Sakino’s voice actors are great, but I didn’t enjoy anyone else. (Why the hell does Kouichi only speak in one tone) 

Emotional Resonance: Zero to none.  Because of the lazy voice acting, I never connected with the characters  

Final Thoughts:  Watch Ef-Tale of Memories instead

Score: 2 Potato Heads

Kimikiss Kouichi and Yumi 3 Kimikiss Kouichi and Mao 2 Kimikiss 14

Asuna’s Review (Her Point of View)

Alright where to start,  I thought there wasn’t really much of a plot, sure a lot of things happened , but it was mostly just a lot of relationships here and there and yes they had there ups and downs.  

Anyway I didn’t care for the ending, it was way to predictable, actually the whole anime itself was predictable, and there was way to much filler, with side little plots with the film club and the movie they are making. Then the little mini side plot with Aihara’s little sister and her friend Nana’chan and the Udon alliance. I seriously didn’t like it at all, I really didn’t enjoy watching it I mean the first few episodes we okay but after a while it got boring and they really dragged out the ending with a few filler epodes and then threw in the climax just as the last episode was ending. Personally I wouldn’t waste your time with it.  

Re the Love Rectangle (Plus One):

  •  I found the Kouichi / Yumi relationship to be kind of pale in comparison to a few of the others)
  • And I found the Mao / Kai-kun relationship to be mainly filler. 

Re the Love Triangle

  • Definetly the weirdest relationship of the bunch is the Aihara / Eriko.  I mean what the heck is this experiment deal.  

Now after all this take place we find that Mao likes Kouichi and he likes Mao. Yet neither one of them have admitted it thus far, Mao is still with Kai-kun (for not too much longers) and Kouichi is still with Hoshino. (We saw that coming a mile away) Here comes the ending, I don’t wont to spoil it for anyone… but it sucked. 

Voice acting: now this wasn’t good in the least bit, so many monotone characters, there just wasn’t enough expression in their voices, it could have been better for sure. 

Animation: Now this was really well done, a lot of movement and facial expressions where really well done, it was nice to look at for sure that makes up for the lack of plot, and the voice acing. 

Plot: A waste of my time 

Emotional Resonance: Lame, didn’t feel any of it. 

Asuna’s rating 2 potato heads.

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