CLANNAD Season II: Predictions

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3 Responses to CLANNAD Season II: Predictions

  1. Twinkle Pixie says:

    OMG!!! THe 1st & 2nd video are just so sad. I don’t think i can handle a sad ending.

  2. WatchingGolith says:

    Hey guys – just wanted to let you know that Daryl from anime world order is calling CLANNAD filth!!! WTF, i can’t believe he called it FILTH! He probably hasn’t even seen it.

  3. koibitoanime says:

    Hey WG

    Don’t worry about Daryl, he hates all anime that has elements of love in it because he’s taken a oath of celibacy.

    Just kidding Daryl – we still luv u.

    – Asuna

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