Review: True Tears – Way better than expected

The series you should have been watching instead of Kimikiss Pure Rouge

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Overall Score

Potato HeadPotato HeadPotato HeadPotato Head


Yuasa Hiromi is a young teenager who has lost both her mother and farther in a tragic accident.

She accepts the offer of the farther of her childhood friend Shin to come live at their house. Hiromi accepts the offer as Shin has always been the one to make her smile and bring joy to her life. And that’s something she desperately needs in her life again.

Shin and Hiromi begin to live together and attend the same class, along with Shin’s best friend Miyokichi (who’s dating Shin’s fiend Aiko). But despite Shin’s efforts to make Hiromi happy, and be there for her, Hiromi has become distant from him. Why she distances herself from Shin is an important plot element that we don’t want to spoil here.

Shin is unaware of what Hiromi knows but still does what he can to bring joy her life, and desperately tries to wipe away the tears of her despair. Things become more complicated for Shin when he meets Noe, a quirky girl who is the complete opposite of the solemn Hiromi.

True Tears Hiromi and Shin

These two shed a lot of tears

Kira’s Spoiler Free – Thoughts

Is it wrong for a man to cry?… Why yes, yes it is. While I didn’t shed any tears watching this series, I still felt its emotional impact and felt for the characters and their struggle. Behind Gundam OO and CLANNAD, this is probably my third favourite series of the fall 2007 season.

What makes this series so awesome is probably too numerous to count, but what struck me are the characters. Shin is a very likable protagonist – he struggles to pursue his dream of becoming a picture book author while his mom wants him to take over the family Sake business.

Hiromi is a character with so many layers, that we fully don’t understand until her until the very end of the series. Taken out of context, her actions seem unreasonable. But when you remember she is a teenager who has last both her parents, you can definitely sympathize with her.

And Noe is simply awesome. She is the cutest character I’ve come across in anime in along time. And the creators pulled it off without making her an extreme loli-moe character. The series has little in the way of comedy, but you can’t help but laugh at Noe’s quirky cute mannerisms.

True Tears - Break B - Shin & Noe - Large

Spoiler-rific Thoughts

By the end of the series most of the questions are answered. Except one I myself didn’t really understand, why was Shin’s Mom such a bit*h to Hiromi during the first part of the series, and what made her think that her husband was Hiromi’s real farther? I mean I guess its because she resented Hiromi for being close to Shin. But why?

Other than that I was very pleased with how the series unfolded because Hiromi and Shin do end up together. It was clear to me that the two love each other, and have loved each other for a long time. Shin wants nothing more than to love Hiromi, be by her side, and help her through her pain. I find that to be very noble. And yes Noe was a good influence on Shin, after all she was the one who inspired him to write the picture book. But their relationship was that of like and not love. And don’t let the line where Shin says to Noe “Every time I see you my heart wavers” confuse you. What Shin is really saying is that he feels like crying when he see Noe. His heart has always belonged to Hiromi. If you take a close look at the first picture we see Shin drawing, the girl in the pic is Hiromi.

The way I picture it, Shin and Hiromi are probably a couple that stays together throughout high school. Shin seems like the type that within the next two years he would have moved out of his house and moved in with Hiromi, just so that he could be with her more. Plus despite what she says, it must get pretty lonely a scary for her living on her own. And I think that Shin senses this. After high school Shin and Hiromi probably end up going to colleges near each other, and soon after that get married. I’m sure they’ll get into some minor arguments and mis-understandings along the way, but with best friends like Miyokichi and Tomoyo to support them, they’ll work things out.

Animation: Stellar – Noe is super cute looking (the Ugg boots are a nice touch). And Hiromi is drawn in a style that matches the many sides of her personality. The scenic scenes while not spectacular are sold and not a single frame of any episode is wasted.

Voice Acting: Good – Takagaki Ayahi who plays Noe has the best performance here. But all the whole cast is good.

Emotional Resonance: Stellar – You’ll definitely feel it watching this series. You’ll sympathize for Hiromi, you may cheer for Noe, and relate to Shin.

Plot: Stellar – A charming story, that moves along at an excellent pace. 13 episodes are just the right length here.

His Score: 4 Potato Heads

True Tears - Break C - Hiromi & Shin - Large

Asuna’s Review

This is the best love story I have seen in a long time. I could really relate to the characters in this anime due to the fact that I got so emotionally connected to most of them. Each character had a way of drawing you into what they were feeling.

Shin – is a very lovable character considering he is such a noble and honest guy. He also is easy to talk to and a guy who knows what he wants in life and tries to pursue his dreams and ambitions.

Hiromi- A quiet, sad mysterious girl with a lot of secrets that we don’t understand right away. We find her reserved after the death of both her parents and living with a Shin’s family and his mother that doesn’t really care for her, makes it hard.

Noe – What a wonderful character. She is just simply perfect. She’s cute and very optimistic. She also has some great comedic elements to her personality.

Animation: Stellar – Oh my god, the animation was simply breathtaking, the still cut séances were out of this world, they had so much detail and they looked wonderful. They way the craters expressions were animated helped you connect with their feelings this was perfectly done.

Voice Acting: Good

Plot: Stellar – So over the entire plot progressed well and the story was easy to follow and some really moving elements, I highly recommended you watch this anime right away, you’ll be so touched and moved. Girls you might even cry, heck I did when it ended. It’s the perfect anime to watch with someone you care about. So take the opportunity to do so.

Emotional Resonance: Stellar – like I said, I really felt it.

Her Score – 4 potato heads

True Tears Noe and Hiromi True Tears Hiromi and Shin 3 True Tears Hiromi and Shin 4

True Tears Extras

The True Tears anime shares very little in common from the Visual Novel. (The Visual Novel is non-adult). It’s a cute story in its own regard. Check out the opening from the novel here.

And here is video that shows the real life town the anime takes place in, Jōhana in the in Toyama Prefecture. As you’ll see the creators went to great lengths to ensure that the look of the town was captured just right.


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