The Weekly – Funniest Scene Not Involving Hosaka – Award (Winner #5)

Hosaka with Name

Okay we’ll come out and be honest on this one.  We really, really wanted to give this week’s award to Hosaka.  His scenes in episodes 9 and 13 of Minami-ke Okawari were so hilarious. But as you know, the award highlights funny scenes not involving Hosaka.

Can you believe that there are 4 or 5 episodes in Okawari that Hosaka doesn’t appear in at all!? Totally inexcusable. Soon as Kira figures out how to write in Japanese he’s firing off an angry email to the creators of the 2nd season.  At his current pace of learning the language this should happen by 2012.


Anyway enough with the rant, on to the Award.  To commemorate the ending of the second season of Minami-ke we’re going to the vault to bring you this modern trap classic.


From Minami-ke Okawari– Episode 1: Should 6th graders cross-dress?… Only if they are Makoto and it will lead to situations like this.


By now you probably know Makoto.  The little elementary school kid that has such a huge crush on his classmate Chiaki’s older sister Haruka, that he’s willing to dress up like a girl in order to come over to their house. 


Minami Ke Makoto

Makoto – Checking out the latest in panty fashion for his Mako-chan


Thanks to our little tranny in training we have had more than a few laughs. Let us present evidence exhibit A.  Because of Makoto’s cross dressing ways, Fujioka gets his dreams fulfilled probably a good 3 years earlier than he expected – all thanks to this bath house mix up.


Koibito Anime: “So Hosaka sempai, any words of advice for our young winner?”

Hosaka-sempai: “Just say no to shouta kids”

Koibito Anime: “We couldn’t agree more”


For past winners of the award, click here and remember you can nominate your favorite scene for the award by leaving a comment below.


Who the hell is Hosaka and why is there an award named after him?


3 Responses to The Weekly – Funniest Scene Not Involving Hosaka – Award (Winner #5)

  1. redLIGHTgreenLight says:

    My vote is for the cross dressing scene for Hayate the combat butler.

  2. animegic says:

    i want look man like hosaka became one of main character in anime,that would be interesting

  3. MomoAnime says:

    who here thinks Kuran Kaname deserves a hosaka award? XD

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