Highlights and Lowlights: Kanokon

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6 Responses to Highlights and Lowlights: Kanokon

  1. Twinkle Pixie says:

    umm… i kinda like shouta. Kota-kun is really cute!

  2. BonBon00 says:

    No way, Chizuru looks cute but Kota-kun is way too young.

  3. FelixtheCat says:

    I totally agree with you guys. This is looks like it will be a pretty crappy series. I didn’t like one thing about this episode.

  4. […] the what, it’s the how. The dialogue, the camera angle in Kanokon 1 is, as one blogger noted, on just this side of porn. I suppose part of the appeal that we are supposed to feel is contained in the fact that she […]

  5. […] if you read our highlights and lowlights of Kanokon episode 1, you know we were less than impressed with what we saw. None the less we said we would watch […]

  6. That drippy hot gippy tang says:

    THis is such fucking borderline hentai! just a bunch of fucking hentai that dirty fat old men touch their jekies to. get all jerky on their pokers, haaaaaard… yea flac it out like that. Oh yeaaaa fuckin jeeeeerk on it fuckiiiiin Oh Sorry… YEa, all it is is hentai. Thats what a bunch of fucking told me anyway

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