His & Her Review: Spice and Wolf


The series that introduced the world to the awesomeness of Wolf deity’s.  So if your watching a few of the new spring 2008 anime series and wondering why your seeing so many fox / wolf gods, its all because their trying to imitate the magnificent Horo from Spice and Wolf.


Partners is trade and romance? 


Combined Score




This is why we gave spice and wolf 4 out 4 potato heads….


An Introduction:


Set some time around the 1700’s in what appears to be old Europe, Spice and Wolf is a tale about the unique partnership between Craft Lawerence a traveling merchant, and Horo a wolf deity.  Horo has watched over the wheat harvest for a couple hundred years, but the villagers have forgotten her, and have taken her efforts for granted.


Through a chance encounter, Horo in her human form comes across Lawerence as he’s passing through the village.  He agrees to take her to her home land in the north.



Yep – Horo’s cute but she’s more than a pretty face 


Kira’s Spoiler Free Thoughts


Asuna and I watched this knowing very little about the story of Spice and Wolf (or Okami to Koshinryo as its known). All we knew was that it was an anime that took place in the past and it had a cute looking wolf deity… good enough for me.


I’m really glad we gave this a shot because otherwise we would have missed out on what’s in my opinion one of the best Anime of 2008 (my personal fav’s of 2008 include Gundam 00, CLANNAD & True Tears).


What makes this anime so great in my opinion is its uniqueness.  At a time where there’s a truck load of ecchi anime (Kanokon) or generic romantic comedies (I’m looking at you Kimikiss).  A tale set in the distant past, that touches upon topics such as economics and trade, in addition to adventure and romance, feels like a breath of fresh air.


Having said all that, the reason this show succeeds in my opinion is because of Horo.  She’s tied with Hosaka as my fav anime character of 2008 (and that’s saying a lot). Horo besides being cute as hell, is charming, witty, tough and strong, and has an awesome personality.  (She delivers better one liners that Okazaki).



“Wow” – that’s all you’ll be able to say when you see Horo transform for the first time. 


Kira’s Spoilerrific thoughts.


The only problem I had with the series is the ending.  It’s not a bad ending, but it just feels like the ending of the first half of the story.  We really hope they make a Season 2 of Spice and Wolf, because the source material (the light novel has four volumes) does exist to do so.


Animation: Great

Voice Acting: Steller – especially Horo’s seiyuu (Koshimizu Ami)
Plot: Great

Emotional Resonance: Stellar


His Score: 4 potato heads out of 4



She’s one big, bad mother !@#&#@!… 


Asuna’s thoughts


I loved this anime mostly because of the different genre and how unique it was. When I first started watching I thought ..hmmm will I like this considering it wasn’t very riveting in the beginning. I personally believed it started off slow and boring, but oddly enough it got really interesting right away.


 I loved the character of Horo, she such a cute character and very witty. Also she sometimes thinks about only herself, but that’s part of what makes Horo, Horo. Now with Craft Lawrence he is definitely a little naïve, considering some of the ways he easily gets taken for. Yet he is a great merchant none the less. One of the best known in some places they travel too. It also shows with the two of them how well their personalites work together and also don’t at times, with a few clashes here and there, they are the perfect pair for the anime itself.


A lot of the show’s appeal comes from the banter between Horo and Craft 


There were some really amazing scenes involving Horo in her true wolf form and I was so pleased with this animation, it was truly amazing. The way they presented her character in this form was pretty quite amazing too, they made her seem so scary, ruthless and deadly, yet gentle and heart warming at the same time.


Overall the story line and plot worked out so well, the only problem was with the ending leaving the story incomplete. So open ended, so as for this we wish to see a second season to complete the story, I am sure once they do that and I get to see how the whole story ends this just might be my favorite anime of all time that I have seen thus far, in my time of watching anime.


Animation: Great

Voice acting: Stellar

Plot: Stellar (even though it was open ended)

Emotional resonance: Great


 Her Score:  4 potato heads out of 4


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