Highlights & Lowlights: Kanokon EP 2

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6 Responses to Highlights & Lowlights: Kanokon EP 2

  1. voodoomage says:

    UNless you are a red blooded male… this episode rocked…. naked girls FTW!

  2. GreyHound says:

    No way, i’m with Asuna on this one. This episode was sickening, its not naked girls dude, its naked childrn and there is something really wrong with that.

  3. voodoomage says:

    Highschoolers are children? How old are you?

  4. Twinkle Pixie says:

    Hahaha… you don’t actually think that do you? Saying that there in highschool is just an excuse used by the creators. But when you acutally look at the wolf spirit and kouta, they look like their 13 and 11. And that means their def children

  5. GreyHound says:

    I’m 23 Voodoo, thanks for asking. And Nozomu doesn’t look a day older than 12. That makes her a child in my books. So you can continue watching this if your into that sort of thing, but i’m not, so i’m quitting on this show.

    * GreyHound

  6. randomperson says:

    dudes, its an anime…who cares if the girls look little? its not real!! and why the hell would you watch this anime unless you’re watching it for the ecchi. duhhh.

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