Highlights & Lowlights: Macross Frontier 1-2


This best new show of Spring 2008?  Yep it very well might be.  This one came completely out of left field.  We thought that Frontier might simply be a rehash of the original series.  But what we actually got is something that is both familiar and fresh.



The latest anime dance craze?


The Story So Far


Set in 2059 Macross Frontier follows three main characters (can you say love triangle). 

Ranka Lee a one quarter Zentradi school girl who idolizes – Sheryl Nome, the main Pop Idol on the Frontier Fleet.  Sheryl has an encounter with high schooler – Alto Saotome, during one of her concerts.


The relationship between the three is set against the epic battle between the Frontier crew and a strange and powerful alien race. 



Kira’s Highlights


Ø  Awesome Animation: There so much like to like about the first two episodes, but what struck me the most is the quality of the animation.  Based on the first two episodes and especially from the killer action sequences, I’d have to say this is the best looking series of spring 2008 – yes even better than Geass.


Ø  Mech & Alien Character Alien Design:  Oh man these look so cool.  But is it just me or do the Alien Mechs kinda look like the Eva mechs?


Ø  The Voice Acting.  Yep I’m a sucker for cute female voices and Ranka Lee is super cute.  But the voices of all the characters (with the exceptions of Alto) seem spot on.  And the only reason I say Alto’s voice seems off is because he looks so feminine and his voice is very masculine.


Ø  The Story & Plot:  Its only two episodes but I’m 100% hooked on this story.  Maybe because it has such a familiar ring to it… I’m not sure.  But it’s shaping up to be a really epic tale.

Looks good doesn’t it?

Asuna’s Lowlights


Just a note – just because I’m doing the lowlights doesn’t mean I don’t like to show.  It just means I like it less than Kira.  And honestly there’s not much to dislike so far.


Ø  Character Design: I’m not a huge fan of Yaoi, so I don’t really find the character designs for Alto and the other guys all that appealing.  Ranka does look cute though.


Ø  Music:  I not really digging the jpop songs of the show so far.  Hopefully this will change, but right now the music is kinda of bland.



Asuna’s Final Thoughts: Girls, give this a shot, you maybe be surprised.

Kira Final Thoughts: My Favourite show of the spring 2008 season so far

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