Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura Na Kiss Ep 2

How do you one up a jerk? Blackmail. I hope your taking notes kids – If you like someone but they reject you, do get mad, get dirt on them. All you need is one embarrassing tidbit, and then you’ll have the ticket to winning their hearts.

You can’t blame them, its hard to stay awake through a whole episode of Zettai Karen Children

Story Recap

Kotoko attempts to adjust to life in the Irie household, but its tough as Naoki is still a royal jerk off to

her. But Naoki’s mom gives Kotoko a photo that could severely damage his reputation. Nope its not photo’s of Naoki bi-sexual escapades… even better. It’s photo’s of Noaki in drag riding a donkey.

You see Naoki’s mom dressed him up in girls clothes when he was young. (Oh, we were joking about the donkey part… but that would be pretty funny – Naoki in a sailor fuku riding a donkey :-). So with this juicy piece of blackmail, Kotoko gets Naoki to tutor her, which helps her land on the Top 50 list on next school exam.

You gotta love blackmail!

Asuna’s Highlights

Ø Wow I didn’t expect Kotoko to stoop to blackmail, but I’m glad she did. It’s nice to see Kotoko match Naoki’s coldness with a bit of evilness from her end. It was a great way to add some depth to her character. She’s a super likable character.


Ø Naoki’s mom is hilarious. Her paparazzi tendencies and a mannerism remind me of many of the anime moms for the 80’s and 90’s.


Ø The pacing of this episode is great. The story really moved along quite well. Just last week Naoki despised Kotoko and in this episode he’s holding train doors open for her. He’s still far from in love with her, but the dynamic of their relationship definitely has evolved.


Ø The quality of the voice acting comes through in this episode. Because both Naoki and Kotoko had to show a range of emotions, we got exposed to what their seiyuu’s can pull off. I was pretty impressed with what I heard.

Who knew taiyaki was so gassy?

Kira’s Lowlights

Ø Did anyone else think that Kotoko’s jump from dunce to smarty pants was a little fast? I mean its good to see character growth, but this was a little to quick.

Ø The animation was rather inconsistent in my opinion. All the close-up scenes of Kotoko and Naoki were all animated pretty well, but when it switched to wide span scenic shots, everything seems rather bland.

Final Thoughts: We like the direction of the show, and it looks like it should be a good one.

3 Responses to Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura Na Kiss Ep 2

  1. ms,Nuriko says:

    I lOve thIS aNime!!!!
    XoOoOOOOo mUcH!!!!!

  2. weni says:

    perbanyk lgi iiuph gmbar”na………

  3. Completely I share your opinion. I think, what is it good idea.

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