His & Her Review: Yotsunoha 1-2 OVA – Wake us when it’s over


The anime that coined with best pick up line of 2008 – “Your Breasts Smell Nice”


In the world of anime, romantic comedies are as abundant as Hentai.  And what separates the good from the bland is a great story, some good voice acting, and talented script writers to come up with those comedic lines. Sadly Yotsunoha is not a great romantic comedy, but its not bad either.  It excels at being mediocre.


Meet Nono, otherwise known as Moe character 8675


Combined Score



A brief Introduction

Yotsunoha is the tale of 4 friends, Yuki Mokoto, Nekomiya Nono, Yuzuki Iori & Amachi Matsuri, and surprise surprise no love rectangles going on here.  The foursome had two go their own way three years ago with the school they were attending closed down. Before they separated they buried a time capsule, with the promise to reunite in 3 years to dig it up.


He just discovered that they’re not real 


Kira’s Thoughts


Average, that’s the best way to describe this anime.  From the opening right through to the closing scene, nothing really stand’s out, and nothing is really horrible.

If it wasn’t for the crazy lines Makoto says I would have probably forgot about this OVA in a couple of weeks. But even with this, I’ll probably forget all about this in a months time.


Part of the blandness can probably be attributed to the fact that OVA has only 2 episodes, so it does feel kinda rushed.  It might have been better off as a four parter.  With only two episodes I didn’t find myself connecting with any of the characters or caring about the story in any way.


Its like the creators of the anime just mailed it in.  Its like – alright team we already have been paid up front to create this ova, so no need to go “crazy” and create something of “quality”.  Fine since they mailed in the show, I’m mailing in my review.


Animation: Mediocre

Plot: Sucks the big one

Voice Acting:  Mediocre

Emotional Resonance: Mediocre


Kira’s Score: 2 out of 4 Potato Heads


Final Thoughts: You can probably do worse, you can definitely find better


Tired of trying to win Nono’s affections, Makoto resorts to kidnapping 

Asuna’s Thoughts


Kira’ wrong here, this story not average… its craptacular.  There are so many things about Yotsunoha that I didn’t like. 


First of all give a more interesting story hook than a time friggin capsule.  Your telling me in an age of cell phones, IM and email these friends couldn’t have kept in touch.  Of course they could have.


And the girls are all the classic anime stereotypes,  Nono is the loli, Iori is the busty Mikaru-type ditzy personality, and Matsuri is the tsundere. Stereo types are fine if you do something interesting with the characters, but nothing like that over here.  And since they’re all plain, I didn’t really connect with the characters.


And speaking of characters, what they hell is up with the extreme Moe of the Nono’s character?  Is looks like she is 11 years old.  And because she’s so young looking, her and Makoto just don’t look good together. If fact they look wrong, its makes Makoto look like a pedo.


Animation: Mediocre

Plot: Sucks the big one

Voice Acting:  Sucks the big one

Emotional Resonance: Sucks the big one


Asuna’s Score: 1 out of 4 Potato heads 


Final Thoughts:If I had to summarize Yotsunoha in one word – Ridiculous



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