Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura na Kiss Ep 3


It took until the third episode but Izatura na Kiss finally brought the funny. 



Don’t mess with Kotoko-chan, she’ll go super saiyan on your ass!


30 Second Summary


Irie-kun discovers Kotoko-chan’s love letter by her side, and proceeds to read it while she is asleep.

Next day is the Sports Festival at school; Irie’s and Kotoko are competing against each other in the mixed relay. Kokoto while finishing up the 3rd leg of the race enters a delusional state and accidentally trips over Kin-chan who is running the anchor leg for her class.  Kin and Irie end up battling for first, but Irie ends up winning.  Kotoko is the real winner as she has Irie-kun trip and land on her after the race.  Then Irie carries Kokoto to the nurse’s office in front of the whole school.


Later on that day Kokoto bitch slaps Irie for reading her letter without her permission.



If Irie looks uncomfortable, its because he’s neven been this close to a girl


Asuna’s Highlights


Kotoko’s bitch slap of Irie kun was the highlight of the episode for me.  It’s about time she stopped taking his abuse and dished out some of her own.  I totally want to see more of Irie- kun getting slapped around.


Kotoko’s growing a back bone.  She’s not able to stand up 100% to Irie-kun yet, but it’s nice to see Kotoko tease Irie kun, instead of it being a one way street.


And it’s nice to see the comedic part of this romantic comedy finally come to play.  The scene below where Kokoto becomes delusional and starts fantasying about Irie while running the 3rd leg of the mixed relay was pretty funny.


Oh, what they heck is up with the stalking habits of her friends. I’m sure one of them is the person behind all of the drawings of Kotoko and Irie.


We’re not sure what kind of drugs Kotoko is taking, but we want some


Kira’s Lowlights


I’m not a fan of Kin-chan.  He’s supposed to be the comedic relief of the show, but he’s not very funny.  And I can’t take him as a serious contender for Kotoko because his character design makes him look like a one of those weird pervy guys you see in other animes.


Also I find it annoying that Irie is not only a genius but a good athlete as well.  I hate super goody goody, good at everything anime characters.


Final Thoughts: One of the most promising new shows of the season.


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