His & Her Review: Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de

Hayate the Combat Butler + More Fan Service = Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de (They are my Noble Masters)

Combined Score

(2 out of 4 Potato Heads)

A brief introduction

Noble Masters tells the story (albeit poorly) of Uesugi Ren and his older sister Mihato. The two have run away from home to escape an alcoholic and abusive farther.

Through the magic of anime they soon find themselves as butler and maid for the fabulously weathly Kuonji family. Mild hilarity ensues.

The Kuonji family consist of three beautiful sisters, Shinra – the oldest, dominating, Tsundare type, Miyu the loli looking genius, and Yume the youngest and cutest of the bunch.

Meet the Kuonji sisters, cute and into incest?

Kira’s Review

What do you call an anime that’s not very good, but not completely horrible either? You call it They are my noble masters. It’s basically six hours of fan-service for all the fans of the visual novel that its based off of. And while I didn’t really like it, I didn’t hate it either.

What I liked

  • The Parodies. There is a lot of references and parodies of various anime, both new and older. Some such as parody of Haruhi with Kumon the bear are pretty funny. Others such as Yume Note are not.
  • Mihato. Ren’s older sister is my personal fav character. She openly admits that she has a brother complex, and it’s pretty funny to watch her get jealous as others try to win Ren’s affection.
  • The cast of characters. There is such a wide range of primary and secondary characters that you’re bound to find one or two that you like. Granted some of them are built off anime stereo types. And some like Miyu are a complete ripoff of characters in other Anime (Negi – from Hayate the Combat Butler). But I found myself enjoying characters like Ageha and her butler, and the crazy porn star wanna be friend.

Miracle Beam – Kumon Style

What I loathed

  • Its not very funny. You see Noble doesn’t have enough romance to call it a romance anime. And it’s definitely not a slice of anime, so all that you can really call it is a comedy. Problem is that its not very funny. It has a couple of he he moments but that’s it.
  • All of the solid blue and orange color outlines of the background characters bothered me. Its ridiculous, why not just take the extra time and draw in these characters.
  • The story and plot is week. The plot element of Ren and Mihato running away from home to escape the abusive farther was interesting, but it wasn’t really tackled until episode 12 and 13 of the series. And when it was finally tackled it felt rushed and tacked on. The rest of the story is very much your standard fare, and nothing to get excited about. Granted this is an ecchi anime, but give me something to keep my interest in between the fan-service shots.

Plot: Sucks the big one

Voice Acting: Mediocre

Animation: Mediocre

Emotional Resonance: Mediocre

Kira – 2 Potato Heads

Asuna’s Review

I really didn’t like this anime too much, when you start off watching you can tell it’s sooo much like Hayate the combat butler. That’s why I didn’t like this anime, Okay fine have an idea but don’t totally rip off another anime, make it your own.

There were some okay moments, and the reason I say only okay, because there weren’t many jokes to even make you laugh, to me it wasn’t even ha ha funny, and this is what they call a comedy, please. I am sure I could write something funnier myself.

Now with the characters a lot more of the same stuff, totally ripping of other anime. I found a few characters funny and the whole brother complex with Mihato was pretty great. Personally I liked Beni and Ageha there were the only funny characters in my opinion. Not many more charcters drew my attention in including the main character Ren. He seemed too much like a wuss for my liking. He needed to be a tougher, and maybe rely on himself more. I mean his suppose to be a butler and protect his masters and they come to his aid. Some butler. They writers could have done better with this.

Can you guess who has a brother complex?


Not much of one to begin with and what became of it, geez there were things in the script that didn’t need to be added and it was like things changed over night .. God that so annoyed me.


Another anime that didn’t take the time to actually add background characters., do the creators of the anime just get to bored with it and can’t take the time to fill in the background people.. Its like why add them if you don’t have time. It would actually add a little too the amine if they took the time to do it right. Other then that the rest of the anime looked pretty good, I have no complaints there.

Character Design:

This was a problem for me, I mean sure the way the looked was not too bad, but with ripping off characters it’s hard to make a good judgment. Sure there were a few great ones, but the rest of the characters had a few attitude problems and personalities that didn’t impress me, but I suppose they were made to suit the anime, anyway I didn’t like most of them.

So over all I kind of hated this anime. It’s not really worth watching unless you’re totally bored and have nothing better to watch, but look around out there, I am sure you could find a better one and not waste your time with the so called “comedy”.

Guess who likes feet

Plot: Sucks the big one

Voice Acting: Mediocre

Animation: Mediocre

Emotional Resonance: Sucks the big one

Asuna – 2 potato heads


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