Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura na Kiss 4

A cliché episode if there ever was one, but since Kotoko is so cute – it’s still enjoyable.

Anime Cliche 4 – the pool / beach episode

30 Second Summary

It’s the cliché trip to the pool episode this week. Kotoko and her friends head out to the water park to enjoy the summer vacation. And thanks to Naoki’s mom’s scheming Naoki and Yuki end up going as well.

Later Kotoko saves Yuki from drowning, then Naoki saves Kotoko. Naoki’s mom takes pictures.

The next day Kotoko and Naoki end up spending the day alone. That night Kotoko ends up sneaking into Naoki’s room to steal his homework, but gets captured and molested by Naoki… maybe.

Kotoko sneaks into Naoki’s room to have her way with him

Asuna’s Highlights

  • Excuse the expression, but Kotoko is Kawaii. Her personality really shone this episode. We saw her timid side, her mischievous side, but a little to much of a love sick side for my liking.
  • Satomi is a biking. (Note – this was Kira’s highlight, not mine)
  • Noriko (Naoki’s Mom) is hilarious. She is probably my second favorite character behind Kotoko. She is so cunning and mischievous, I find it hilarious that she is already planning a nursery for Kotoko and Naoki’s yet to be conceived baby. Maybe it’s because she knows that Noaki is falling for Kotoko.

Cue Barry White – Let’s get it on….

Kira’s Lowlights

  • Kin-chan is a dweeb. I think I motioned this last week, but dude – man up. You know there is just know way that Kotoko will end up with him, because he’s just such a dork. Sure he means well, but he’s not a very interesting or funny character.
  • Naoki is also starting to annoy me a bit. I guess I have to give him more time, but after 4 episodes I just wish someone would beat him up.

What the hell is Kin-chan doing, and should he being doing it in front of a kid?

Final thoughts: Cliché – but we still likey


One Response to Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura na Kiss 4

  1. issa-sa says:

    *tries to erase the last picture of Kin-chan from mind but can’t*

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