Who is Your Favorite New Male Character in an Anime?

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11 Responses to Who is Your Favorite New Male Character in an Anime?

  1. Link says:

    If you vote for anyone except Golgo 13, you are not a man.

  2. 44CANSofBEER says:

    Is SOUL a man? It doesn’t matter, he’s still bad ass

  3. j1m0ne says:

    Well, I’m not a man (I’m a cute anime fan) so I voted for Miharu. I was torn between him & Shinkurou anyway. I guess I like guys to sound like girls?

  4. Josh says:

    What? 20 Faces isn’t in the poll? Oh well. I’ll vote for Maid Guy then.

  5. Kaijin says:

    I voted for Doujou Atsushi… but had Kaname from Vampire Knight been there my vote would have gone to that sexiness on legs! 😀

  6. hashihime says:

    20 Faces for sure. Do watch the show. You’ll see why he’s the coolest character this spring. Next comes Kaname in Vampire Knight. Why aren’t you watching the good shows, lol?

  7. eipu says:

    Voted for miharu’s cuteness and queerness ^^

  8. TheBigN says:

    In Kogarashi’s case, the maid outfit obviously limits the amount of manliness that he can release at any point in time. 😛

  9. koibitoanime says:

    Alright you guys convinced us… we’ll give vampire knight a shot. Kira’s not a fan, but i’ll get him to watch it. What series is 20 faces from?

    — Asuna

  10. […] winners were based on your votes.  Earlier this week we asked you to vote for your favorite new male and female character (New so no characters from the 2nd season shows like Code Geass, or Da Capo). […]

  11. ifern says:

    Doujou Atsushi !!!!! Definitely.

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