The Weekly – Funniest Scene not Involving Hosaka – Award

We know what your thinking… where the hell has the Hosaka award been for the last two weeks? Allow us to explain. Even though laziness is one of out cutest traits, it’s not because of this.

The reason there hasn’t been a Hosaka award handed out the last two weeks is because there is a severe lack of the funny in all of the spring 2008 comedy shows we’re watching.

Despite what it may look like, this wasn’t very funny (disturbing yes, funny no)

Here’s a list of new spring shows we are watching that have comedic elements:

  • To-Love-ru – 99% fanservice, 1% comedy
  • Itazura na Kiss – More romance than anything else
  • Special A – has its moments
  • SOUL EATER – what, it has comedic elements
  • Kurenai – ditto
  • Kamen no Maid Guy – has some “haha” moments but nothing spectacular

We hoping that once we start watching Toshokan Sensou this week, we’ll have some better material to choose from.

Anyways on to the award…

From Special A episode 3 – Hosaka type delusional fantasies

We’re not 100% convinced that the pathetic president isn’t actually gay and his infatuation with Hikari isn’t just an act. But one thing for sure he’s got some powerful delusional fantasies. While not on the level of Hosaka, they’re still hilarious.

The pathetic president goes into delusion mode when he sees Hikari making a bento for Kei, and assumes its for him.

If you want to nominate your fav funniest scene for this award, leave a comment below.

For past recipients of the Hosaka award click here

Who the hell is Hosaka and why is there an award named after him?


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