Dear Sunohara: Relationship Advice from CLANNAD’s Sunohara Youhei!

Yo Readers, its me the erotic king of romance – Don Juan Youhei, back to answer all your love life and relationship questions. Apparently a lot of you want the erotic king of romance’s advice, as i got 14 emails this week, well 15 if you count the email I got from GoGoBenji who wanted to know what was Tomoyo’s cup size.  Well Benji that’s for me know and you to find out sucker. 

Since I’m super busy right now rehearshing for season II of CLANNAD, I’ve only have the time to answer 2 emails.  I’ll have my minions Kira and Asuna answer the rest of the emails directly back to the senders.

You are hereby required to address this man as the “Erotic King of Romance”

Letter #1

Hey Sunohara

There is a girl at work that I really like.  I met her about a year ago now, and we’ve become really

good friends.  I like her more than a friend, but can’t tell if she likes me in that way.  I would hate to ask her out and have her reject me, as that would probably kill our friendship.  What should I do.

Zero_Mac (21 – Toronto, Ontario – Canada)


Yo Zero

What’s wrong with you man!?  What good is it just being friends with a girl?  There’s no fun in that.  Just look at me, how many female friends do you think I have.  Zero that’s how many (Kira’s editors note – besides Tomoya, were not sure if Sunohara has any friends at all.)  I make sure that I only have a physical relationship with all the girls in my harem.

Here’s what you do.  Invite her over to your house, and time it so your coming out of the shower as she arrives at your door.  Then answer the door and let her in while only wearing a towel.  Tell her to grab a seat while you go get changed, but go get her something to drink before you do.  As you hand her the drink make sure the towel “accidently” falls off. Once this happens she will no doubt be staring at your package.  That’s when you tell her “this is only the discounted merchandise, the good stuff’s in the bedroom.”  She’ll smile, and congrats you now have a girlfriend.  You can thank me by emailing me pics of your hot gf. Your Welcome

Towel incidents don’t usually work out this well

Kira’s Editors Note –  yeah this has about 2% chance of working, and a 98% chance that your friend will think you’re a perv and get your arrested

You really only have one option here and that’s to be as open as you can about your feelings for her.  I suggest trying this.  Invite her out to dinner to a nice place (nothing too fancy).  As you get talking, casually ask her if she is seeing anyone.  If she isn’t then try to get her to open up about the type of guy she likes.  If all goes well she will describe some traits that you posses.  Then when you describe the type of girls you like mention some of her traits.  She should clue in by now how you feel about her.  If she doesn’t you’ll just need to come out and say it to her directly that you really like her.

But one thing to keep in mind, regardless of how you do it, chances are if she doesn’t feel the same way about you, your friendship won’t be the same.  There is just no way of getting around that.

Letter #2 

Hi Sunohara

I’m a lesbian but haven’t come out to anyone but my best friend yet.  No one knows about sexual orientation, and I want to keep it that way for know. 

I met this sweet, beautiful girl in my Economics class at the start of last semester.  I fell for her instantly, and was able to become friends with her by sitting next to her in class for most of the semester.  And I got the vibe that she also might be a lesbian like me.

Now that the semester is over I totally miss her, and want to ask her to be with me.  How can I ask her out?  It would be a big problem for me if I turned out to be wrong and she spread the word about my sexual  preference.



This is my first letter from a lesbian, give me a minute I need to clean up my nosebleed… okay there I’m good now… no wait I just pictured lesbians in action… I need a minute… …. …. Okay all done now.

Hmm… oh, right the question.  I completely forgot about that.  I’m only going to answer your question if you agree to email me pics of you and your friend.  Deal?

Okay I don’t know what the big deal is, it’s a well known fact in my world that all girls have a bit of lesbian in them.  Girls in my world are known find each other attractive to some extent.  And if you’re hot you should have no problems.

Here’s what you do.  Go over to her place to do some homework together.  Make sure you don’t wear a bra. If you lucky the air conditioning will be on and you’ll be able to draw her attention to your breast.  Then you can tell her.. “oops I forgot my bra, can I borrow yours, I like the one your wearing.”  When she agrees to take of her bra for her and give it to you, offer to take it off for her.  Then when your taking off her bra, just casually graze the side of her breast…..arrrhhhh!!! cosmic nosebleed – can’t write anymore…too turned on.

Contrary to what Sunohara says, not all girls have a little lesbian in them.

(Asuna’s editors note – since Sunohara is unable to finish I will.  Let me say out flat that your in a tough situation.  I asked a lesbian friend what she would do and she also said that you’re in a pretty tough situation.  All of the women she has gone out with she knew before hand they were lesbians.  But she did say to trust your gut.  If you’re getting vibes that she’s into you, she probably is.

I suggest when you tell her how you feel and ask her out, you do so in person.  If you know she is a good person, trust in her that even if she is not a lesbian, she is a good enough friend that she won’t tell the whole world about your sexual preference. Good luck!)

That’s all for me this week my adoring fans. I’m off to meet Tomoyo, I’m going to try out some of my new pick up lines on her.  If you have a question for me, email me at Koibito.anime[at]

Click her past editions of Dear Sunohara


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