Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura na Kiss 5

Minimal Kin-chan = Good episode

Next time on Itazura na Kiss; Kin-chan goes Super Saiyan

30 Second Summary

  • Kotoko, Jinko & Satomi decide to study for their exam together, and the best part of all Kin-chan doesn’t tag along.  They soon realize that they don’t understand anything, and the two friends beg Kotoko to ask Naoki to help them.

  • The next day Kotoko’s entire class realize that Naoki is their only hope to passing the exam.  They all tag along (miunus Kin-chan) back to the hourse where Kotoko begs Naoki to tutor them all.
  • To thank Naoki for all the tutoring, Kotoko gets a part time job so she can buy him a Q-ray type bracelet.

If you don’t now what the Q-ray bracelet is, your not watching crappy late nigt tv to 2am enough

Asuna’s Highlights

  •  Kin-chan only had about 45 seconds of screen time in this episode, which makes me very happy.  Ditto for Yuki.
  •  If was nice to see the funny back this episode.  It was nothing hilarious, but I chuckled a few times at a couple of scenes – like the one of Kin-chan’s marriage fantasy with the dancing eggplants.
  •  The pacing of this episode was really good.  A lot of stuff happened in 20 minutes.  Kotoko and friends study for and past their exams.  Kotoko got a part time job and they had the traditional x-mas plot line. I’m glad they didn’t waste a whole episode on any one these plot elements.

What would you do if you got this for x-mas… yep, cry

Kira’s Lowlights

The only gripe I have about this show in general and this episode, is the lack of a backbone in Kotoko.  She is still getting pushed around by Naoki way too much.

Threesome with a door? Um…no thanks

Final Thoughts:  A really good episode this week. The seriers is really going in a good direction, we just what Kotoko to woman up.


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