Dear Sunohara: Relationship advice from CLANNAD’s Sunohara Youhei

Yo fans its me, your Japanese sexual Idol – Sunohara Youhei. Sorry if don’t seem to be my usual energetic self, I’ve been super busy recently. We just started filming season 2, and the newbies on the set are such a hassle. Do you believe they refused to address me as Your Hunky Majesty? – Incredulous!

Oh – for the 6 of you who emailed me but don’t get their questions answered in the post… blame the newbies. I’ll have my minions reply back to you.

Your Hunk Majesty reporting for duty!

Letter 1

Hey Sunohara

I’m a huge anime fan and last June I saved up some cash, pawned some bling and took off to the

holy japan land for two weeks. It was killer, I never had so much fun, and i’ve never seen so many cute girls in my life. Dude I took like 200 pics of cute girls, and I know if I could actually speak a little Japanese I could picked up a couple of them.

I was so F&#%$ing disappointed when I had to go back home, at that’s where my problem started. I was dating steadily before my trip, but after coming back I haven’t met a single girl I found to be good looking. None of them measure up to the Jgirls I saw. And what totally sucks is I live in a stupid small town where there are no Asians, let alone Japanese. What do u think I should do. I haven’t had any action it almost a whole year now.

White Kira

(24, Rapid City, South Dakota – USA)


No action in over a year huh? Yeah, I really can’t relate to that. Luckily for you though I’m a genius and have an answer to your problems. Its really easy actually, get out there, date and find girl whose less than 125lbs and under 5″5. Why? So you can Japanese her up.

  • As a gift you can import some popular clothes from Japan and give it to her to wear.
  • Add chan to the end of her name, and shorten it and make it sound Japanese if you can. If her name is Rachel call her Rei-chan. She’ll think its cute, and it will make her more Japanese in your eyes.
  • Later on when your getting busy, get her to role play as a Japanese school girl. Make sure you get a “nice” outfit for her.

Follow this and you’ll have the next best thing to a real Japanese girl.

(Asuna’s editors note – You do realize that if you follow this, your just being manipulative. The way I see it, you have two options.

Option A: Move somewhere with more Japanese girls like, Hawaii, San Fran or better yet Japan.

Option B: Start realizing that other women are just as hot, cute and attractive as jgirls. I wouldn’t usually suggest this, but if your having problems seeing the attractiveness of other girls – watch a Non Asian Porno.

Your totally limiting yourself from meeting an awesome girl if your just hung up on jgirls.)

As you can see guys, non jgirls are cute too!

Letter #2

Hey Youhei-kun

I’ve been going out with a guy for 2 months. He’s sweet and nice, but way too clingy. He always wants to spend time with me, and gets upset when I have a girls night out with my friends. When we’re not together he texts me at least once an hour. I like him but I’m not sure what to do here.

Chibi Sunshine

(18, Tampa, Florida – USA)

Bonjour Sunshine-chan

Hey how come you didn’t invite me to your girls night out. That’s two of the things I love most in this world – girls and nights. The problem here is your dating a mansy – a man whose a pansy. You don’t need a man like that – you need a man whose 5″8, has blonde hair, and blue eyes, and lives on his own… you need a man like me. But too bad for you, I don’t plan on going to America anytime soon. But you know what – that’s okay. Dump your man, and cyber with me. If your cute – I’ll pay for you to come to Japan. I’m going to be stinking rich soon, I’m releasing my first single next week – its called “Can I borrow your breast”. Its got hit written all over it.

(Kira’s Editors note – I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Sunohara’s right. Not about the cyber thing, but about breaking up with this guy.

Now its normal for a guy to want to spend quality time with you, that’s normal when you start a new relationship with some one your really like. But what’s not normal is him getting upset when you hang with your girls. This and the fact he texts you once an hour has us concerned that this guy is obsessive. This is a problem because obsessive guys can sometimes become abusive.

Becareful and end this relationship now before this escalates. If you don’t want to do that, give him an ultimatum and tell him to cool things down or your leaving.)

Careful girls – Obsessive guys come in all shapes and sizes

That’s all for me this week fans – send your questions to Koibito.anime[at] – Sunohara.

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