Highlights & Lowlights: Macross Frontier Ep 6

As reader Zqube pointed out last week, us fans of Macross should be promoting the show more that’s why Zqube came up with our new battle cry “Just say yes to Macross”.

We agree – we want this series to become suThis post has moved to our new site…check it out here

Come on over to Koibitoanime.com -Hosaka’s sweating up cooking up something good just for youper popular so that the creators get the green light for sequels, OVA, games and etc. But still – also join our “Just say No to Nome” campaign.

Alto: Wondering if these earrings will match his favorite blouse

30 Second Summary.

  • Alto is apparently a P.I.M.P as he wants both Sherly and Ranka. The feminine man-slut lies to Ranka’s face when she asked him if he was alone at the mall last week.

  • On the plus side for Ranka, she gets signed by the talent agency “Vector” – doesn’t P Diddy own that label?
  • President Glass announces to the citizens of Frontier that their sister fleet Galaxy has been attacked and decimated by a Varjra attack.
  • SMS squadron heads out to face the Vajra that hijacked a galaxy ship and defolded near the frontier fleet.

Awwww…she’s so cute. Cuter kitten wrapped in clouds.

Kira’s Highlights

  • This show has me greatly worried. Worried that I might turn into a military otaku. The fleet, ships, & fighters all were so beautifully animated that I wanted to lick the screen. Oops I’ve said to much…
  • Some good story line progression. Even though there was no mecha action, there was some good progression of the Ranka / Alto story line. Alto lying to Ranka is an indication of two things. 1. He’s a player. 2. He probably has some feelings for her, that’s why he didn’t want to hurt Ranka by letting her know that he got dragged out on a date with Sheryl.
  • Also good progression of the Sheryl / Alto story line. Looks like their closer to becoming a couple than Ranka and Alto. Better get your hepatitis vaccinations Alto.
  • The best part of the episode of this episode for me was that ratcheting up of the tension. It was really the calm before the storm episode, and you really got a sense of the overwhelming power of the Vajra. It really seems like the SMS crew have no chance against the Vajra, giving it a David vs Goliath vibe.

Alto & Ranka: Having a heated discussion about whose prettier

Asuna’s Lowlights

  • The love triangle in Frontier has a lot of similarities to the triangle between Lynn Minmay (the pop idol), Hikaru and Misa from the original series. My concern is that since the original series had Hikaru and Misa ending up together, this series will twist things up and have Alto and Sheryl end up together. Because Sheryl like Lynn are the pop idols. That would totally suck because….
  • I really don’t like Sheryl. I’m not sure why exactly. She did sing a good song this episode and looked good doing it, but she’s kinda a little to slutty / skanky looking for my liking.

Okay we admit it, Sheryl had a good performance… for once.

Final Toughts: Go forth and spread the word fans, Just say yes to Macross Frontier…. and no to Nome.

2 Responses to Highlights & Lowlights: Macross Frontier Ep 6

  1. zqube says:

    You can’t dis Sheryl’s show at the end. That was way good.

    Everywhere I go I see more calls for Ranka fans but for me I could care less. I wouldn’t mind either way, Sheryl or Ranka. I do look forward to more tsun tsun Alto and Sheryl moments though.

  2. AnonK says:

    Hell no, Sheryl FTW.
    Ranka is too clingy and annoying. 😛

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