Highlights & Lowlights: Itazura Na Kiss EP 6

<Insert Soap Opera Announcer Voice> As the seasons change so does the relationship of cutie senior Kotoko and spoiled brat Naoki.

You didn’t know? Love flom’s are all the rage in Nippon

30 Second Summary

  • The whole combo family visits a shrine for new years day. Kotoko gets a good fortune, while Naoki gets terrible one – what can you say except karma is a B@#&H.

  • On the day of the Tokyo U exam, Kotoko’s appendix flares up and she collapses while escorting Naoki to the exam center. Naoki carries her to the hospital and stays with her while she recovers.
  • Kotoko is about to run away from the Irie house, as she feels responsible for Naoki not taking the exam. Naoki stops her by saying that he missed the exam by his own choosing, and tells Kotoko he plans on going to the same college as her, for a change of pace.

After molesting Naoki, Kotoko makes her escape

Asuna’s Highlights

  • Well – I liked this episode, but it was nothing really spectacular. Your bound to have episodes like this in a 26 episode series.
  • On the plus side, after seeing Naoki man up and take care of Kotoko, Kira has agreed to stop calling him bi-curious and metro.
  • You got to admire Kotoko’s determination, I think she told Naoki twice this episode that she loved him. I’m liking her not-taking-no-for-an-answer attitude.
  • And it’s finally nice to see Naoki admit to himself that he has some sort of feelings for Kotoko. Even though those feelings aren’t of love for her yet.
  • Also I found the pacing of the episode great as always. This time they wiped through New Years and Valentines Day in one episode.

Kotoko: struggling with the side affects of hysterical pregnancy

Kira’s Lowlights

  • Kind of a mediocre episode for me and I really didn’t like the lack of comedy in the episode.
  • I’m concerned about how they’re going to drag this out for another 18+ episodes. They need to set off a trigger (such as a competing love interest for Kotoko – no Kin-chan doesn’t count).
  • And even though we got some insights into Naoki’s character and can understand a bit more, I still don’t like him. Something about the bored genius bothers me.

We guess he’s supposed to be Juliet in this scene?

Final Thoughts: We’re still watching it, and still liking it.


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