Top 3 Jobs Lelouch Would Have If He Wasn’t Zero

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6 Responses to Top 3 Jobs Lelouch Would Have If He Wasn’t Zero

  1. IcyStorm says:

    I can actually picture Lelouch as all of these, President more when he’s older of course. And I would watch his cooking show.

  2. PeachCat says:

    Nice list, but i think you forgot one – Male Model. Lelouch is hot, and i think he’d be open to it.

  3. Teeif says:

    You know the first thing lelouch would do as President is legalise incest! I can’t believe how Zero still hangs onto Nunally as raison détre. DX

    Lulu would make a good lawyer, he’s got no sense of humour, is completely sadistic and looks out for few people beyond himself (Nunally being the exception).

  4. tj han says:

    CEO of a major corporation. Seriously, imagine a microsoft or google or Sony with him at the helm… it would become the only organisation.

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