Code Geass R2: Potential Couples and Ultimate hookups

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9 Responses to Code Geass R2: Potential Couples and Ultimate hookups

  1. zqube says:

    I believe there will be a R3 at some point in time. With that in mind, I don’t think we’ll see hook ups just yet. Maybe a first taste but nothing more.

    Besides that, I have a hard time seeing Lelouch with anyone really. The Kira parallels run strong in my mind so I see him “with” someone but not really.

  2. Stephen007 says:

    Oh god, LMAO. These predictions are good. For Lloyd, id say he’ll end up with The Lady Scientist that supports zero, whats her name, Rakshad or sumthin that sounds like that. They seem to know each other too.

  3. David says:

    Nicely thought out for the most part, but there might be a few logic errors.

    Lelouch+Shirley? That’s certainly not impossible, but I see to big obstacles to that pairing. Both of them in Lelouch’s character. Problem #1: Lulu has this big time-bomb in his head called “Geass.” Unless a really big deus ex machina happens, Lelouch can’t really get close to anybody without the risk of accidentally crushing his or her mind. Shirley and Kallen have an immunity for now because they’ve been Geassed before, but if it powers up again, they could possibly be in big trouble, and Lelouch knows this all too well from Euphemia. Problem #2: is Lelouch’s upbringing. The rules for inheriting the throne are in fact a breeding program, where the Emperor marries anybody he wants to and sires as many children by as many different partners as possible. Then the children get to fight it out to determine which one is best fit to actually sit on the throne. Considering his family are card-carrying poligamists, it would be unlikely that Lelouch would limit himself to just one unless he simply doesn’t get a choice. Right now I can envision three possible ending for our protagonist.

    #1: BAD END. At this rate, poor Lulu is going to paint himself into a corner, and Sunrise is going to run out of deus ex machina ideas. But I’m sure they’ll somehow make it spectacular anyway.
    #2: C.C. Normal ending. She may be a witch, but she may be the only person Lelouch can really take his mask off in front of. However if this end happens, it’s going to happen through a process of elimination instead a process of romance. The odds are very good poor Lulu would be mad as a hatter by the time the end finally comes.
    #3: Harem End. Just like Dad.

    I also doubt that Suzaku’s most likely would be Kallen. Granted, they are a lot alike, and if they were both honest with each other and fighting on the same team, romance would be inevitable. But as is, there is a big obstacle between them. He may have lost his first love, Euphemia. But he hooked up with her half sister, Nunally, pretty fast. We know Nunally loves Suzaku. Suzaku isn’t at all likely to willingly abandon Nunnaly either. As things stand, Suzaku is all but married to Nunally already. Likely the only thing that stands between an official marriage between then is the fact that they’re a bit too young for it. Unless Nunally somehow pulls a Lacus and dumps Suzaku, or Nunally gets killed, it’s a little bit too late for a real Suzaku-Kallen pairing.

    That’s what I see.

  4. […] season a fanboy’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of pairing up charas. In the vein of the Code Geass speculations over at the appropriately named Koibito Anime blog, I was wondering if the series is going to pair […]

  5. Camario says:

    Not everything in this show has to follow Gundam Seed, and in fact it usually doesn’t.

    Suzaku x Kallen can’t really work by this point. In fact, the island episode served to show how unlikely it was, not the opposite. They don’t have nearly enough interaction, their goals and philosophies are too different. You get the point.

    He’s more likely to end up alone, with Anya, or Euphie’s ghost by now.

  6. Camario says:

    Or Nunnally,for that matter. Forgot that…important detail. XD

  7. koibitoanime says:

    You guys made some really valid points here. David – very thorough analysis dude. It will be interesting to see what happens in R2. I hope there is an R3 as well.

    – Asuna

  8. sarah says:

    Do you guy’s think that shirley might come back in the end? remeber what she said before she passed away…”when i get reborn again can i still fall in love with you lulu…” or something like that:) i really Hope she does come back in the end though, lulu and shirley had such a great relationship togeather, it’ll be sad if that really was the end between them:( but i have to have some hope that she’ll come back to him and that they’ll be togeather soon!:)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think she’ll be back, because in the end.. SHE DIDN’T.

    But I DO believe that they were reunited in the end, Lelouch and Shirley, when C.C. restates the uses of geass “to bring people together” and then asks if he agrees.

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